Exactly 50 years ago, USSR cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin flew around the Earth, making him the first person to ever travel beyond our planet’s atmosphere. This was the beginning of a race to conquer space.

Of course, Gagarin only knew what it was to be the first man up there, but thanks to Christopher Riley, we now have a glimpse of what Gagarin saw from his spacecraft Vostok 1.

While audio recordings of Gagarin exist, there were no video recordings. Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, currently living on the ISS, recorded images of the Earth following a similar plot of Gagarin’s trip.

These images have now been combined to the original audio recordings from Gagarin’s flight to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his flight, resulting in the film below. The film is simply wonderful, so go grab some pop-corn and sit comfortably to feel the amazement.

Enjoy the trip!