Everyone has seen how beautiful and amazing our Universe can be through the eyes of our telescopes. How about some wonderful animation, showing us some of our Universe in incredible details, and quite accurately? Then sit comfortably, and play the video below on the biggest screen you have (and make sure you play it in HD):

The video consists of some of the visual effects from BBC’s show Wonders of the Universe, hosted by physicist Brian Cox. All the effects were done by¬†Burrell Durrant Hifle, who has posted this video and many others here.

Accompanied by the excellent music of Timo Baker, the video takes you to various objects of our Universe, amazingly rendered through BDH’s art. Although this is an artist’s conception, almost everything looks pretty much the way it should. The only complaint you might have is, as noted by Phil Plait, that the animations are not titled – the casual viewer might not know what they are looking at (so, if anyone has questions, feel free to ask!).

Anyway, take some time to check BDH’s other videos here, and enjoy the show!