A few days ago, Expedition 27 came back from the ISS on board the Soyuz TMA-20 spacecraft. One of the crew members, flight engineer Paolo Nespoli (the others were Commander Dmitri Kondratyev and flight engineer Cady Coleman) had the occasion to take unique pictures of Endeavour docked to the ISS. These pictures are stunning, and you can view all of them here. Here is one of them, where you can see the orbiter and ISS together above Earth:



I highly recommend you to check out all the other pictures, they’re all truly amazing, and give you a quite good idea of how huge and  sophisticated the space station is.

Not only did Nespoli take pictures of the ISS and Endeavour, he also filmed them! Here’s the video, released by NASA:

These are the last images of this kind you will ever see, so take your time to watch them. As you already know, Atlantis, the last Shuttle launch, will fly to the space station on July 8.