While most people are afraid of storms, this natural phenomenon can also be truly beautiful. And when it’s caught by the eye of photographer Randy Halverson, it just becomes a stunning show, with our Milky Way Galaxy running across the sky in the background.

Here is his latest time-lapse video, “Tempest Milky Way” (don’t forget to set the video to HD):

There are a lot of things to see in the video: at 1:57, a visitor’s silhouette shows up – a whitetail buck – and at 2:25 the storm appears. At 3:25, you can also glimpse a meteor burning through the sky, and its reflection in the lake below!

The whole video is literally gorgeous, accompanied by great music. I highly recommend you to check Randy’s website, Dakota Lapse, for much more of his amazing work. I hope you’ll like this time-lapse as much as I did, enjoying the beauty of our Universe.

Image and video: Randy Halverson, used by permission