As many of you have probably noticed, I have recently published articles less often than I used to some time ago. I have been extremely busy with a lot of things, and one of them was trying to offer a new way to explore Atra Materia. The blog has always been accessible on smartphones, and it now has an application on the iPhone!

You will find it here on the App Store, it is called Atra Materia Mobile. I hope you guys will enjoy it, also I’m expecting you to give me some feedback, by leaving your comments here or on the App Store! Of course, the app will be regularly updated, so if you have requests of any kind, let me know!

Everything that is available here is available through the app: you will be able to read the news, share them on Facebook, Twitter or via email, and comment on them of course. You will also notice the “Forum” tab, which is available only in French (the French version of the blog has its own forum): the app being bilingual, this is why it also appears in the English version. There are also two image galleries, once again available only in French at the moment (well, the captions are in French).

Atra Materia’s twitter is available in the app too, and you can easily retweet anything. One more thing: the app is totally free and doesn’t have any ads, and there will never be any. However, I’m spending a lot of time taking care of the two blogs and now the application, so you also have the ability to make a donation via an in-app purchase if you want to support Atra Materia.

Those of you who do not have an iPhone can also make paypal donations right here on the blog (at the bottom right corner of the sidebar). Speaking about people who don’t have an iPhone, I am also planning to release an Android version of the application, so that Android users can also enjoy Atra Materia on their phones.

I really hope you will enjoy and use this app, as much as I enjoyed creating it!