Remember this amazing sequence the ISS and Discovery from the ground? Well, Thierry Legault has done it again, this time with a picture showing NASA astronaut Steve Bowen doing a spacewalk during Discovery’s last mission! And this is the first ever of this kind.


© Thierry Legault

The picture was taken on February 28th 2011 at 17:58UT from the area of Weimar, Germany. At that time, Steve Bowen was working on a defective ammonia pump, as shown on the picture thanks to the annotations.

Now, for the pleasure of your eyes, Thierry made another sequence, even more amazing than the previous one!

There is even more on Thierry’s website, where the sequence is also available in 3D! There are two versions: an anaglyph, that will require a pair of red and blue glasses, and another one that will require a little gymnastics! Indeed, this latter version does not require any glasses, but you will have to squint to be able to see the sequence in 3D; at first, it might not be very easy, but it is worth the effort, and the result is pretty cool!

Both the sequence and the image are absolutely wonderful. After all these incredible images, I cannot help wondering what will be next!..


Sequence and image used by permission of Thierry Legault.

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