The end of the cosmological principle?

The cosmological principle is a fundamental notion of modern cosmology. In a few words, our position in the Universe has nothing special: wherever you are in the Universe, when you observe it, what you see is the same everywhere, and the laws of physics are the same everywhere. The Universe …

A new type IA supernova in M101!

There’s been some great news for amateur astronomers recently (and not only for them)! A bit more than a week ago, a new type IA supernova appeared in the Pinwheel galaxy (M101), ans that’s very important news.
Of course, astronomers are carefully observing the event, gathering as much data as they …

A new class of black holes?

Among all the objets in our Universe, some are much smaller than their siblings, such as dwarf stars or dwarf galaxies. Scientists now suggest dwarf black holes might exist, and that some might be forming right now.
When it comes to black holes, we usually hear about supermassive black holes, at …

The awakening of T Pyxidis

In the constellation Pyxis, the binary star T Pyxidis just got 2,500 times brighter! This sudden burst of energy, making it visible with binoculars, has been expected for 45 years.

Neutron star may have a superfluid core

Neutron stars are the densest objects in the Universe, just after black holes. According to recent observations, they may have a superfluid core.
Two separate teams of scientists claim that superfluid matter – frictionless – is the best explanation for the temperature drop observed in the neutron star at the center …

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