First ever images of the entire Sun

Yesterday, NASA’s twin STEREO probes moved into position on opposite sides of the Sun. They are now constantly sending back images of the entire star.
Each probe is taking a picture of half of the star, and the images are sent to Earth, where they are combined by researchers to create …

Tomorrow, we will see the entire Sun

Tomorrow, February 6, 2011, we will be able to see the front and the far side of the Sun, simultaneously, for the first time in history.
Probes to observe the Sun
Stereo (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) is the third mission of NASA’s Solar Terrestrial Probes (STP) program.
The two nearly identical spacecrafts were …

Global eruption on the Sun

On August 1, 2010, an entire hemisphere of the sun erupted. It consisted of over a dozen shock waves, flares, filament eruptions, and coronal mass ejections that covered half of the sun’s surface and took place over a period of 28 hours. It was big, really big.
The event was recorded …

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