Tides… on a distant star

Massive exoplanets would induce huge tides on their parent stars when they orbit them at a close distance. Astronomers now suggest that current instruments should be able to detect them. Actually, they might already have detected such tides on a distant star.
Located 325 light-years away in the constellation Phoenix, WASP-18b …

The old man in the Sun

While everyone has seen what looks like a man’s face on the surface of the Moon, nobody has ever seen any on the surface of the Sun… Nobody except SDO.
In the video below, a set of pictures taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory Spacecraft shows the Sun in different wavelengths. …

Astronomy Quiz #2

Here is the new astronomy quiz! A lot of you answered the previous one, and as I wrote last week, I’ll post a new quiz regularly. I hope you will enjoy this one too, and don’t hesitate to give me some feedback and comments so that I can keep improving these quizzes!

The coolest “neither planet, nor star” brown dwarf

About 63 light years away from Earth, lies a very cool brown dwarf. It is approximately seven times the mass of Jupiter, and its temperature is of 30°C (86°F), making thinner and thinner the line between small stars and giant planets.
Brown dwarfs are peculiar objects: they are neither planets, nor …

Will we ever travel to other stars?

Today, we are speaking about space tourism, or sending men to Mars. What about longer, much longer journeys, out of our solar system? Of course, the question has been around for quite some time, and it seems that space agencies are more and more interested in the idea. When reading …

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