A huge flare for a hungry star

Astronomers have observed an enormous X-ray outburst, probably caused by a star feeding on a giant clump of matter.
Neutron stars, forming after the death of massive stars, are so dense they generate extremely strong gravitational fields. The clump of matter came from a blue supergiant, orbited by a companion neutron …

Our strange Universe

Among all the objects in our Universe, a few of them are truly extraordinary, and sometimes not that easy to comprehend. Black holes, for example, are fascinating. But there are other objects which may exist, maybe not as popular the gravitational singularity, that are literally… strange.
Massive stars, after they explode …

Neutron star may have a superfluid core

Neutron stars are the densest objects in the Universe, just after black holes. According to recent observations, they may have a superfluid core.
Two separate teams of scientists claim that superfluid matter – frictionless – is the best explanation for the temperature drop observed in the neutron star at the center …

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