Dark times for dark matter?

Dark matter, which can be detected only thanks to its gravitational influence, remains a mystery after decades of research. Because it helps explain most observations quite well, a majority of astronomers however supports the theory. Why then haven’t we been able to identify its nature, or just prove its existence? …

Milky Way’s mysterious haze

Researchers have just discovered a mysterious “humming” in the core of our galaxy: the Milky Way emits an important amount of microwave radiation, and its origin remains unknown. New cold gas clouds of carbon monoxide have also been discovered, helping astronomers locating star-forming regions.
The main objective of the Planck satellite, …

Storm in the night sky: a gorgeous time lapse of the Milky Way

While most people are afraid of storms, this natural phenomenon can also be truly beautiful. And when it’s caught by the eye of photographer Randy Halverson, it just becomes a stunning show, with our Milky Way Galaxy running across the sky in the background.
Here is his latest time-lapse video, “Tempest …

Habitability within our Galaxy – Could complex life exist elsewhere?

A team of researchers has presented a new model of habitability within the Milky Way. According to their calculations, more than one in every hundred stars may have planets capable of supporting complex life within our Galaxy. Their results will be published in the journal Astrobiology.
Astronomers generally focus on exoplanets orbiting stars …

The Milky Way of Oz

How about a magnificent view of the night sky over Australia? Here is Ocean Sky, by Alex Cherney:
Because of this special location, you can admire our Milky Way spreading across the sky above the ocean, parallel to the horizon. It took more than a year to compile 31 hours of …

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