Shooting star… seen from space

Recently, everyone has been looking at the night sky, looking for a meteor. Astronaut Ron Caran, currently on board the International Space Station, had a unique view; he saw and captured a meteor burning up in our atmosphere, from space!
© Ron Garan/NASA
The picture was taken during the annual Perseid meteor …

Endeavour and the ISS as you’ve never seen them before

A few days ago, Expedition 27 came back from the ISS on board the Soyuz TMA-20 spacecraft. One of the crew members, flight engineer Paolo Nespoli (the others were Commander Dmitri Kondratyev and flight engineer Cady Coleman) had the occasion to take unique pictures of Endeavour docked to the ISS. …

Spacewalking astronaut seen from the ground

Remember this amazing sequence the ISS and Discovery from the ground? Well, Thierry Legault has done it again, this time with a picture showing NASA astronaut Steve Bowen doing a spacewalk during Discovery’s last mission! And this is the first ever of this kind.

Amazing sequence of the ISS and Discovery taken from the ground

In the previous post dedicated to the Moon, I mentioned the fact that a pair of binoculars or a simple telescope can reveal beautiful details on the surface of our satellite. On some special occasions, you can get astonishing views through the eye of a telescope… As you probably all …

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