A link between the Higgs boson and dark energy?

Everyone has heard about it, and physicists are still hunting it: the Higgs boson. This hypothetical particle, which is supposed to give all other particles mass, might also be related to the expansion of the Universe.
Scientists at CERN are still looking for the legendary particle, and it’s probably just a …

Spacetime torsion: The end of major cosmological problems?

A cosmologist has shown that an already existing extension of general relativity may eliminate major problems in gravitational physics, and answer major questions in cosmology.
The Einstein–Cartan–Sciama–Kibble (ECSK) theory of gravity naturally extends general relativity to account for the intrinsic angular momentum (spin) of elementary particles. This theory, named after Albert Einstein, Élie Cartan, Dennis …

The fate of the Universe

When thinking about the Universe and looking at the sky, a natural question comes to everyone’s mind: how did all of this begin?
It is today commonly accepted that everything started with the Big Bang, a primordial explosion from which the Universe we see today has expanded.
On the other hand, you …

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