A link between the Higgs boson and dark energy?

Everyone has heard about it, and physicists are still hunting it: the Higgs boson. This hypothetical particle, which is supposed to give all other particles mass, might also be related to the expansion of the Universe.
Scientists at CERN are still looking for the legendary particle, and it’s probably just a …

A new type IA supernova in M101!

There’s been some great news for amateur astronomers recently (and not only for them)! A bit more than a week ago, a new type IA supernova appeared in the Pinwheel galaxy (M101), ans that’s very important news.
Of course, astronomers are carefully observing the event, gathering as much data as they …

Dark energy

Back in 1998, two teams of astronomers carried out observations on a particular kind of stars, type Ia supernovae. They had no idea their results were going to completely change the way we see our Universe.
Supernovae Ia are often referred to as ‘standard candles’, because they all achieve the same …

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