Kepler: a new planetary system & Earth-sized planets

NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has given its first results: among more than 1,200 planet candidates, it spotted six planets orbiting a single star, as well as dozens of potential Earth-sized planets.
Extraordinary new planetary system
The team using NASA’s Kepler space telescope announced the largest collection of planets yet spotted orbiting a single …

First Earth-sized exoplanet discovered

The discovery of Kepler-10b, the first rocky extrasolar planet, was confirmed yesterday by NASA’s Kepler mission. Only 1.4 times the size of Earth, it is the smallest exoplanet ever discovered.
Because its size is comparable to that of Earth, this is a first step to discovering how common such planets are, …

Create your own exoplanet

The NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory offer you to create your own planet, orbiting the star of your own choice.
How to create your planet
To become a planet creator, just head toward the Extreme Planet Makeover website. Using the options given at the bottom of the screen, you only have …

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