The disappearing antineutrinos

Neutrinos have been a real problem for physicists for a long time already, mainly because they are extremely difficult to detect. The vast majority of them, about two thirds, go missing on their way from the Sun to Earth. Now, with refined calculations, physicists realized that we might also have …

Dark matter could make exoplanets habitable

Dark matter could help maintain liquid water on the surface of large exoplanets, making it possible for life to emerge, evolve, and survive, even in the absence of additional energy from starlight or other sources.
For a planet to be able to maintain liquid water on its surface, scientists assume it has to …

Dwarfs, worms and phantoms – A few words about the astrophysical lexicon

Astrophysics sometimes sounds like science fiction: our Universe is filled with strange substances or objects, and theories describing its evolution or its nature can have some rather catchy names. Dwarf stars, dark matter, dark energy, Big bang, wormholes, phantom energy… What are all these things, and where do those funky names come from?

Less dark matter to form a new galaxy bursting with stars

The Herschel Space Observatory has revealed how much dark matter it takes to form a new galaxy bursting with stars.
Herschel launched into space in May 2009. The mission’s large, 3.5-meter telescope detects longer-wavelength infrared light from a host of objects, ranging from asteroids and planets in our own solar system …

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