Neutron star may have a superfluid core

Neutron stars are the densest objects in the Universe, just after black holes. According to recent observations, they may have a superfluid core.
Two separate teams of scientists claim that superfluid matter – frictionless – is the best explanation for the temperature drop observed in the neutron star at the center …

Black Holes – Part III

In this third and last part of the article dedicated to black holes, I will describe what would happen to someone traveling through a black hole.
Gravitational time dilation and gravitational redshift
First, I will start by describing two important effects: gravitational time dilation and gravitational redshift (I will spare you the …

Black Holes – Part II

In this second part of the article dedicated to black holes, I will describe how they are formed, as well as the different kinds of black holes the theory has been able to predict.
Formation of black holes
Two different processes can lead to the formation of a black hole: gravitational collapse, …

Black Holes – Part I

Black holes are probably one of the most fascinating kinds of objects in the Universe for many people, may they be astrophysicists or not. They are often mentioned on the news (and not only science-related), and they have been of great inspiration in science-fiction. Recently, researchers even expected to observe …

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