Cosmology – A brief review of the standard model

Cosmology, the study of the evolution and the structure of the Universe, has a long history in various areas, such as philosophy and of course science.
I recently found this paper by Jorge L. Cervantes-Cota and George Smoot on arXiv, and thought some of you might be interested. It gives a short review on …

Spacetime torsion: The end of major cosmological problems?

A cosmologist has shown that an already existing extension of general relativity may eliminate major problems in gravitational physics, and answer major questions in cosmology.
The Einstein–Cartan–Sciama–Kibble (ECSK) theory of gravity naturally extends general relativity to account for the intrinsic angular momentum (spin) of elementary particles. This theory, named after Albert Einstein, Élie Cartan, Dennis …

Modeling of the flow of time – Big Bang in a laboratory

For the first time, emulating a Big Bang-like event in metamaterials allowed physicists to show why the cosmological arrow of time points in the same direction as the thermodynamic arrow of time.
Metamaterials have fascinating properties: with their periodic structure, light can be manipulated very easily in many different ways. By …

Dwarfs, worms and phantoms – A few words about the astrophysical lexicon

Astrophysics sometimes sounds like science fiction: our Universe is filled with strange substances or objects, and theories describing its evolution or its nature can have some rather catchy names. Dwarf stars, dark matter, dark energy, Big bang, wormholes, phantom energy… What are all these things, and where do those funky names come from?

The fate of the Universe

When thinking about the Universe and looking at the sky, a natural question comes to everyone’s mind: how did all of this begin?
It is today commonly accepted that everything started with the Big Bang, a primordial explosion from which the Universe we see today has expanded.
On the other hand, you …

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