Astronomy Quiz #2

Here is the new astronomy quiz! A lot of you answered the previous one, and as I wrote last week, I’ll post a new quiz regularly. I hope you will enjoy this one too, and don’t hesitate to give me some feedback and comments so that I can keep improving these quizzes!

Astronomy Quiz

This week, I’m introducing something new on the blog: an astronomy quiz! If you like it, I will publish a new quiz each and every week, always related to astronomy, of course. I hope you will enjoy this one, and don’t hesitate to give me some feedback!

The fate of the Universe

When thinking about the Universe and looking at the sky, a natural question comes to everyone’s mind: how did all of this begin?
It is today commonly accepted that everything started with the Big Bang, a primordial explosion from which the Universe we see today has expanded.
On the other hand, you …

The size of the Universe: at least 250 times larger than what is visible

Estimating the size of the Universe has never been easy; the Universe being approximately 13.7 billion years old, many objects are too far away to be visible (their light did not have enough time to reach us). A team of researchers has recently used the Bayesian model averaging, a form …

Black Holes – Part II

In this second part of the article dedicated to black holes, I will describe how they are formed, as well as the different kinds of black holes the theory has been able to predict.
Formation of black holes
Two different processes can lead to the formation of a black hole: gravitational collapse, …

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