Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2010

My personal Top 10 astronomy pictures of 2010:

Create your own exoplanet

The NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory offer you to create your own planet, orbiting the star of your own choice.
How to create your planet
To become a planet creator, just head toward the Extreme Planet Makeover website. Using the options given at the bottom of the screen, you only have …

The mystery of the solar corona partly solved?

For a few decades, the coronal heating has been a complete mystery to astronomers: why is the Sun’s corona temperature millions of degrees higher than that of the surface?
So far, two theories were the most likely candidates: wave heating (waves carry energy from the solar interior to the solar corona) …

Voyager 1 about to leave the solar system

Voyager 1, which left the Earth 33 years ago, is now at the edge of our solar system. It is today  17.4 billion kilometers away from the Sun (about 116 times farther than the Earth is from the Sun), where it reached an area where the radial speed of the …

Music from outer space

Space is a virtual vacuum, in which sound does not propagate. Indeed, sound is an oscillation of pressure transmitted through a solid, a liquid or a gas. Interstellar and interplanetary space being empty, there is no way for any sound to exist out there. While this would make any of …

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