Tides… on a distant star

Massive exoplanets would induce huge tides on their parent stars when they orbit them at a close distance. Astronomers now suggest that current instruments should be able to detect them. Actually, they might already have detected such tides on a distant star.
Located 325 light-years away in the constellation Phoenix, WASP-18b …

Astronomy Quiz #2

Here is the new astronomy quiz! A lot of you answered the previous one, and as I wrote last week, I’ll post a new quiz regularly. I hope you will enjoy this one too, and don’t hesitate to give me some feedback and comments so that I can keep improving these quizzes!

Astronomy Quiz

This week, I’m introducing something new on the blog: an astronomy quiz! If you like it, I will publish a new quiz each and every week, always related to astronomy, of course. I hope you will enjoy this one, and don’t hesitate to give me some feedback!

Amazing sequence of the ISS and Discovery taken from the ground

In the previous post dedicated to the Moon, I mentioned the fact that a pair of binoculars or a simple telescope can reveal beautiful details on the surface of our satellite. On some special occasions, you can get astonishing views through the eye of a telescope… As you probably all …

The first “Dark Sky Island”

The Isle of Sark, a small island in the Channel Islands in southwestern English Channel, has just been declared the first “dark sky island” in the world.
No public lighting
The award was given by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA), a US-based organization devoted to preserving the darkest and most beautiful …

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