A strange new planetary system

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Astronomers have observed an anomaly in the eclipses of a binary star system. They suggest this could be due to the presence of two giant planets, orbiting the stellar binary.
The two stars, known as UZ For, are both smaller than our Sun. One of them is a white dwarf, the …

Cosmological anomaly in the distant Universe?

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Researchers have found that the Universe appears to be clumpier than predicted. This clumpiness, if not due to systematics, might be evidence that the standard model of cosmology needs to be rewritten.
Imagine yourself leaving Earth and looking at it as you are going further and further. You would first see …

Through the looking glass – A cosmic parity violation?

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Astrophysicists have always assumed that our Universe has a “mirror” symmetry. Researchers are now trying to test this assumption, and their first results show that our Universe might not be exactly as expected.
In a Universe with a mirror symmetry, the image of a counter-clockwise rotating galaxy is a galaxy with …

Endeavour and the ISS as you’ve never seen them before

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A few days ago, Expedition 27 came back from the ISS on board the Soyuz TMA-20 spacecraft. One of the crew members, flight engineer Paolo Nespoli (the others were Commander Dmitri Kondratyev and flight engineer Cady Coleman) had the occasion to take unique pictures of Endeavour docked to the ISS. …

Is dark matter an illusion?

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A researcher has suggested that dark matter might simply be an illusion, rather than some unknown non-baryonic matter. Assuming that antimatter has a negative gravitational charge, the “illusion” would be explained by the resulting gravitational polarization of the quantum vacuum by ordinary matter.
The need for dark matter first appeared with …

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