Einstein starts your car

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When people hear about relativity, they usually think about spaceships traveling at speed of light, and the strange properties of spacetime such as time dilation or length contraction. These effects actually also occur right in your car. This has nothing to do with the yet to appear Doc Brown’s DeLorean, …

The largest image of the night sky

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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey-III (SDSS-III) has released the largest digital color image of the sky ever made.
The image is 1.2 trillion pixels (you would need something like 500,000 HDTV sets to be able to view it at its full resolution), and over 20 million megabytes. It was created by …

Holes in the Sun’s corona

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The observations of NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) suggest an upcoming auroral activity. Two holes found in the Sun’s corona could cause this activity.
Coronal holes are areas where magnetic field lines are open. They are the source of accelerated particles forming solar wind. These particles, when entering the Earth’s atmosphere …

Black Holes – Part III

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In this third and last part of the article dedicated to black holes, I will describe what would happen to someone traveling through a black hole.
Gravitational time dilation and gravitational redshift
First, I will start by describing two important effects: gravitational time dilation and gravitational redshift (I will spare you the …

Space Oddity in the eye of Hubble

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NASA’s Hubble space telescope captured an unusual object, Hanny’s object, discovered in 2008. It is a blurry mass of gas floating next to the galaxy called IC 2947.
A collision between two galaxies
« Hanny’s Voorwerp » (Hanny’s Object in Dutch) is the size of our Milky Way galaxy. It is the …

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