First Orbit – 50 years ago, Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space

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Exactly 50 years ago, USSR cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin flew around the Earth, making him the first person to ever travel beyond our planet’s atmosphere. This was the beginning of a race to conquer space.
Of course, Gagarin only knew what it was to be the first man up there, but thanks …

Awesome artistic vision of our Universe

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Everyone has seen how beautiful and amazing our Universe can be through the eyes of our telescopes. How about some wonderful animation, showing us some of our Universe in incredible details, and quite accurately? Then sit comfortably, and play the video below on the biggest screen you have (and make …

Into the Milky Way

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Many of us live in big cities, and even if we don’t, we are quite often living in places bathing in artificial light. Because of this particular type of pollution, observing the night sky can turn into a real challenge. However, in some very special places, the sky can show …

Zoom in on a nebula

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Space is just full of wonderful views. I could (and I do, sometimes) spend hours looking at such pictures, catching a glimpse of what our Universe is made of. Maybe we won’t ever be able to reach other stars or galaxies, but we can least look at them, learn from …

Take a flight around Saturn

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How about a virtual trip around Saturn? Thanks to Stephen Van Vuuren who created this non-profit IMAX video using real images, you can now enjoy safely a flight around the sixth planet from the Sun. The video is actually a test clip for a big screen movie titled “Outside In”: …

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