Storm in the night sky: a gorgeous time lapse of the Milky Way

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While most people are afraid of storms, this natural phenomenon can also be truly beautiful. And when it’s caught by the eye of photographer Randy Halverson, it just becomes a stunning show, with our Milky Way Galaxy running across the sky in the background.
Here is his latest time-lapse video, “Tempest …

The old man in the Sun

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While everyone has seen what looks like a man’s face on the surface of the Moon, nobody has ever seen any on the surface of the Sun… Nobody except SDO.
In the video below, a set of pictures taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory Spacecraft shows the Sun in different wavelengths. …

The Milky Way of Oz

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How about a magnificent view of the night sky over Australia? Here is Ocean Sky, by Alex Cherney:
Because of this special location, you can admire our Milky Way spreading across the sky above the ocean, parallel to the horizon. It took more than a year to compile 31 hours of …

Endeavour and the ISS as you’ve never seen them before

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A few days ago, Expedition 27 came back from the ISS on board the Soyuz TMA-20 spacecraft. One of the crew members, flight engineer Paolo Nespoli (the others were Commander Dmitri Kondratyev and flight engineer Cady Coleman) had the occasion to take unique pictures of Endeavour docked to the ISS. …

Wonderful VLT time lapse

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Here is a new time lapse video (set it to 720p to fully appreciate it) of the night sky at Cerro Paranal in Chile. All the images were taken at the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope, in the Atacama desert, a place known for having one of the darkest …

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