Testing loop quantum gravity

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One of the challenges of modern physics is to reconcile quantum mechanics and relativity. So far, quantum theories of gravity have never been tested experimentally. Loop quantum gravity, one of these theories, might be testable after all.
The key to this experimental test comes from black holes: when they evaporate, the …

Hydrogen bombs and space travel

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After the first men stepped on the Moon, many thought it wouldn’t take too long to get mankind on Mars and even further. More than 40 years later, even sending astronauts back to the Moon seems to be a problem… Interestingly, although I may sometimes sound pessimistic about our chances …

Lights of alien worlds

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Since the search for extraterrestrial intelligence started, scientists have been “listening” to stars, looking for artificial radio emissions from other planets. While we keep searching for such signals, there may as well be other ways to detect alien civilizations. Light itself may in the future become an efficient way to …

Dark matter just got darker

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According to the standard model of cosmology, each galaxy contains huge amounts of dark matter, which can only be detected thanks to its gravitational pull. Without it, galaxies would be torn apart, with their stars flying away from each other. Dark matter’s nature remains a mystery, a mystery that has …

Observing the Multiverse

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Our Universe is big, really big… And it might not be the only one. Various theories predict the existence of other “bubble universes”, and some of them should occasionally collide. These collisions could be the key to confirming the existence of the multiverse.
Theoretically, the collision of two bubble universes produces …

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