The old man in the Sun

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While everyone has seen what looks like a man’s face on the surface of the Moon, nobody has ever seen any on the surface of the Sun… Nobody except SDO.
In the video below, a set of pictures taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory Spacecraft shows the Sun in different wavelengths. …

Cosmology – A brief review of the standard model

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Cosmology, the study of the evolution and the structure of the Universe, has a long history in various areas, such as philosophy and of course science.
I recently found this paper by Jorge L. Cervantes-Cota and George Smoot on arXiv, and thought some of you might be interested. It gives a short review on …

Habitability within our Galaxy – Could complex life exist elsewhere?

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A team of researchers has presented a new model of habitability within the Milky Way. According to their calculations, more than one in every hundred stars may have planets capable of supporting complex life within our Galaxy. Their results will be published in the journal Astrobiology.
Astronomers generally focus on exoplanets orbiting stars …

The Milky Way of Oz

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How about a magnificent view of the night sky over Australia? Here is Ocean Sky, by Alex Cherney:
Because of this special location, you can admire our Milky Way spreading across the sky above the ocean, parallel to the horizon. It took more than a year to compile 31 hours of …

Quantum nature of space challenged by observations

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New observations have shown that the quantum structure of space, if there is any, is at much smaller scales than predicted.
In Einstein’s theory of relativity, space is a smooth, continuous fabric. In quantum theory, there is an inherent discreteness present in physics. In an attempt to reconcile the two theories, …

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