Shooting star… seen from space

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Recently, everyone has been looking at the night sky, looking for a meteor. Astronaut Ron Caran, currently on board the International Space Station, had a unique view; he saw and captured a meteor burning up in our atmosphere, from space!
© Ron Garan/NASA
The picture was taken during the annual Perseid meteor …

Tides… on a distant star

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Massive exoplanets would induce huge tides on their parent stars when they orbit them at a close distance. Astronomers now suggest that current instruments should be able to detect them. Actually, they might already have detected such tides on a distant star.
Located 325 light-years away in the constellation Phoenix, WASP-18b …

DNA building blocks could have originated in space

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Researchers at NASA have uncovered new evidence that DNA components found in meteorites were probably created in space.
Dr. Michael Callahan of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. and colleagues closely analyzed samples from 12 different carbon-rich meteorites, 9 of which were recovered from Antarctica. They used a liquid chromatograph …

The best alternative to dark matter and dark energy?

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According to the standard model of cosmology, also known as ΛCDM (Lambda Cold Dark Matter) model, about 95% of our Universe is invisible or undetectable, or possibly both. Various alternative models have been proposed to describe our Universe without the need of dark matter or dark energy. One of them, …

Matter and antimatter – A fundamental symmetry confirmed

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According to theory, matter and antimatter have exactly the same properties, except for the opposite electrical charge. Researchers have now calculated the antiproton mass relative to the electron with unprecedented precision: it weighs exactly the same as its matter counterpart, the proton.
The laws of nature are assumed to obey a …

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