Dark energy

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Back in 1998, two teams of astronomers carried out observations on a particular kind of stars, type Ia supernovae. They had no idea their results were going to completely change the way we see our Universe.
Supernovae Ia are often referred to as ‘standard candles’, because they all achieve the same …

Music from outer space

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Space is a virtual vacuum, in which sound does not propagate. Indeed, sound is an oscillation of pressure transmitted through a solid, a liquid or a gas. Interstellar and interplanetary space being empty, there is no way for any sound to exist out there. While this would make any of …

The shape of the Universe

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The question of the Universe‚Äôs shape has been one of the most important in modern cosmology. For many years, there has been a great discussion among astronomers regarding this problem. Today, according to the most up to date measurements, it is widely accepted that the shape of the Universe is …

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