Our strange Universe

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Among all the objects in our Universe, a few of them are truly extraordinary, and sometimes not that easy to comprehend. Black holes, for example, are fascinating. But there are other objects which may exist, maybe not as popular the gravitational singularity, that are literally… strange.
Massive stars, after they explode …

Is there a place for God in astrophysics?

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Recently, the famous British physicist Stephen Hawking stirred up religious communities with his statement “There is no Heaven, it’s a fairy story”. I am not going to cover Hawking’s interview with the Guardian once more, as it has already been done many times, but I would like to discuss the …

Why we need SETI

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There’s already been a lot of articles about that news, so you have probably already heard that at the time being, SETI is not listening to the skies anymore, due to a lack of funds.
The Allen Telescope Array (ATA), a group of 42 radio telescopes, has been placed into hibernation. …

Space diving – Jumping from the edge of space

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Space diving, or falling from space into the Earth’s atmosphere before parachuting to a landing… The idea sounds crazy. Although it remains theoretical, a bit more than 50 years, a man jumped from a very, very high altitude. Since then, nobody has ever jumped from anywhere higher.
Joseph Kittinger, a former …

Dwarfs, worms and phantoms – A few words about the astrophysical lexicon

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Astrophysics sometimes sounds like science fiction: our Universe is filled with strange substances or objects, and theories describing its evolution or its nature can have some rather catchy names. Dwarf stars, dark matter, dark energy, Big bang, wormholes, phantom energy… What are all these things, and where do those funky names come from?

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