Hydrogen bombs and space travel

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After the first men stepped on the Moon, many thought it wouldn’t take too long to get mankind on Mars and even further. More than 40 years later, even sending astronauts back to the Moon seems to be a problem… Interestingly, although I may sometimes sound pessimistic about our chances …

Escaping the dark side

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As most of you have probably already noticed, I am not particularly fond of the standard model of cosmology… More precisely, I have a problem with dark matter and dark energy, what I call the “dark side” of the Universe. Many times, I was asked why, so I will give …

The best alternative to dark matter and dark energy?

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According to the standard model of cosmology, also known as ΛCDM (Lambda Cold Dark Matter) model, about 95% of our Universe is invisible or undetectable, or possibly both. Various alternative models have been proposed to describe our Universe without the need of dark matter or dark energy. One of them, …

Cosmology – A brief review of the standard model

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Cosmology, the study of the evolution and the structure of the Universe, has a long history in various areas, such as philosophy and of course science.
I recently found this paper by Jorge L. Cervantes-Cota and George Smoot on arXiv, and thought some of you might be interested. It gives a short review on …

You thought black holes were strange? Think again.

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One of the great challenges of modern physics is to reconcile quantum mechanics and relativity. Black holes are an excellent example of the incompatibility between the two theories, and quantum theorists have proposed various alternatives. While they all remain purely hypothetical, they also all seem much weirder than black holes …

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