Dark times for dark matter?

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Dark matter, which can be detected only thanks to its gravitational influence, remains a mystery after decades of research. Because it helps explain most observations quite well, a majority of astronomers however supports the theory. Why then haven’t we been able to identify its nature, or just prove its existence? …

No faster-than-light neutrinos, in the end?

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A controversy appeared a few months ago: scientists claimed they observed neutrinos traveling at faster-than-light speeds. This result was then highly debated, as it apparently violates Einstein’s special relativity, which says that nothing can move faster than light.
Among the ones questioning these results (that is to say almost everybody…), a …

Milky Way’s mysterious haze

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Researchers have just discovered a mysterious “humming” in the core of our galaxy: the Milky Way emits an important amount of microwave radiation, and its origin remains unknown. New cold gas clouds of carbon monoxide have also been discovered, helping astronomers locating star-forming regions.
The main objective of the Planck satellite, …

Atra Materia is on the App Store!

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As many of you have probably noticed, I have recently published articles less often than I used to some time ago. I have been extremely busy with a lot of things, and one of them was trying to offer a new way to explore Atra Materia. The blog has always …

Weighing antimatter

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Does antimatter behave like matter in gravity? This is the question a team of researchers wants to answer in the near future. If their behaviors happen to be different, it would have extremely important implications, and could maybe solve several long-standing problems.
Scientists from the University of California are on their …

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