A new type IA supernova in M101!

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There’s been some great news for amateur astronomers recently (and not only for them)! A bit more than a week ago, a new type IA supernova appeared in the Pinwheel galaxy (M101), ans that’s very important news.
Of course, astronomers are carefully observing the event, gathering as much data as they …

Storm in the night sky: a gorgeous time lapse of the Milky Way

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While most people are afraid of storms, this natural phenomenon can also be truly beautiful. And when it’s caught by the eye of photographer Randy Halverson, it just becomes a stunning show, with our Milky Way Galaxy running across the sky in the background.
Here is his latest time-lapse video, “Tempest …

Escaping the dark side

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As most of you have probably already noticed, I am not particularly fond of the standard model of cosmology… More precisely, I have a problem with dark matter and dark energy, what I call the “dark side” of the Universe. Many times, I was asked why, so I will give …

Shooting star… seen from space

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Recently, everyone has been looking at the night sky, looking for a meteor. Astronaut Ron Caran, currently on board the International Space Station, had a unique view; he saw and captured a meteor burning up in our atmosphere, from space!
© Ron Garan/NASA
The picture was taken during the annual Perseid meteor …

Tides… on a distant star

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Massive exoplanets would induce huge tides on their parent stars when they orbit them at a close distance. Astronomers now suggest that current instruments should be able to detect them. Actually, they might already have detected such tides on a distant star.
Located 325 light-years away in the constellation Phoenix, WASP-18b …

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