Spacetime torsion: The end of major cosmological problems?

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A cosmologist has shown that an already existing extension of general relativity may eliminate major problems in gravitational physics, and answer major questions in cosmology.
The Einstein–Cartan–Sciama–Kibble (ECSK) theory of gravity naturally extends general relativity to account for the intrinsic angular momentum (spin) of elementary particles. This theory, named after Albert Einstein, Élie Cartan, Dennis …

A huge flare for a hungry star

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Astronomers have observed an enormous X-ray outburst, probably caused by a star feeding on a giant clump of matter.
Neutron stars, forming after the death of massive stars, are so dense they generate extremely strong gravitational fields. The clump of matter came from a blue supergiant, orbited by a companion neutron …

A fascinating galaxy cluster

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Astronomers have studied one of the most interesting galaxy clusters, Pandora’s cluster. Probably formed by complex and violent collisions, the unusual cluster has many features never seen before.
At least four galaxy clusters had to collide to form Abell 2744, or Pandora’s cluster. Its nickname comes from the multiple strange phenomena …

A strange new planetary system

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Astronomers have observed an anomaly in the eclipses of a binary star system. They suggest this could be due to the presence of two giant planets, orbiting the stellar binary.
The two stars, known as UZ For, are both smaller than our Sun. One of them is a white dwarf, the …

Cosmological anomaly in the distant Universe?

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Researchers have found that the Universe appears to be clumpier than predicted. This clumpiness, if not due to systematics, might be evidence that the standard model of cosmology needs to be rewritten.
Imagine yourself leaving Earth and looking at it as you are going further and further. You would first see …

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