Black Holes – Part I

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Black holes are probably one of the most fascinating kinds of objects in the Universe for many people, may they be astrophysicists or not. They are often mentioned on the news (and not only science-related), and they have been of great inspiration in science-fiction. Recently, researchers even expected to observe …

Dark energy

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Back in 1998, two teams of astronomers carried out observations on a particular kind of stars, type Ia supernovae. They had no idea their results were going to completely change the way we see our Universe.
Supernovae Ia are often referred to as ‘standard candles’, because they all achieve the same …

Voyager 1 about to leave the solar system

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Voyager 1, which left the Earth 33 years ago, is now at the edge of our solar system. It is today  17.4 billion kilometers away from the Sun (about 116 times farther than the Earth is from the Sun), where it reached an area where the radial speed of the …

Sunshine [Movie]

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Year 2057, the Sun is slowly dying, threatening life on Earth. Seven years ago, a spaceship was sent with a payload to re-ignite it. For unknown reasons, the spaceship and its crew were lost and failed  in their mission. In a last attempt, using all the fissile material left on …

Is our Universe the only one ?

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Everyone, when looking up at the sky, has probably been amazed by the vastness of our universe. While its ‘size’ seems impossible to assess, scientists have been suggesting that our universe might not be the only one for quite some time already. The news is that now researchers have found …

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